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What makes blankets from Blessed Stitch different from other blankets? The anointing of prayer on these blankets.

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When my daughter was 5 or 6 months old she would go down for a nap without a fuss but when bedtime rolled around she would cry and get really upset. As my friend and I were discussing it one day the only thing that was different at those times was that she had a blanket for her naps and not at bedtime. So that night I put her to bed with her Blessed Stitch blanket and she immediately calmed down and went to sleep. From that day I started putting her to bed with her blanket and we have had very little nighttime drama.
There are also times that when my husband and I place her in her car seat and she becomes agitated. When she sees her blanket though she becomes excited and calms down as soon as she is wrapped in it.
Not only do the Blessed Stitch blankets cause peace to my daughter but also healing to myself. I have also been blessed with a “Comforter” blanket. When I was pregnant, I was having a great deal of acid reflex. One night I had had enough. That night as I laid in bed and prayed I placed the blanket on my chest. I felt the presence of God surround me. I had a calming peace about me and my acid reflex was gone almost immediately. During my pregnancy whenever I would become anxious again I would relax with the “Comforter” and God’s presence would touch me and I knew everything was going to be OK.
These blankets not only provide warmth, but are an extension of God’s loving arms that wrap around your child to provide comfort, love and peace.
Blessed Stitch Blankets are not just blankets they are a Blessing!


Elizabeth, Colorado



Blanket #1

What a blessing it was to get this blanket. My child had a series of shots and I had just got this blanket that day as a gift. As soon as he was wrapped in it, he was calmed and for the first time slept through the evening. Thank you for this wonderful blanket!

Blanket #2

Thank you again so much for the beautiful blankets! You have such a wonderful ministry, it’s such a blessing. I wanted to take a moment to put on paper all the awesome miracles that God has done through your blankets. The blanket you made my son calmed him down during the night when nothing else would. He hates being covered up in a blanket but always manages to keep that blanket on. The blankets that you made my daughter, we believe, are instrumental in the many awesome praise reports we’ve gotten from all of her doctors. Prior to her being born the doctors had only given us bad reports and suggested that we abort our baby. She was born 7 weeks early and within days we covered her with The Comforter blanket. All the tests for the problems they said she would have, came back negative! Every dr. and specialist told us that they can’t believe she is doing so well. We have only had The Comforter on her because the other blanket we wanted to keep nice, but on December 12th the dr. told us that on Monday they were going to have an Occupational Therapist come in to look at her hands because she couldn’t make fists completely or stretch out her fingers all the way. The next day we brought in her other blanket and draped it over her incubator with strict instructions not to move it. On Monday the Therapist evaluated her and told us that her hands have very good movement and put her in a hand sling for a few days. The dr. had told us that she would need casts and that she would have to wear them for months. She is doing so well. She is still having trouble with her kidneys but we truly believe that a miracle is going to come for that as well. Through your hands God moves. The blankets that you make truly are anointed and our children are living proof of that. I thank God for your ministry every time I look at my little miracle.

The first time I saw a sample of the blankets made by Blessed Stitch, I knew I just had to have one for my first grandchild. Each blanket is edged with beautiful hand embroidered scripture and the baby’s full name. I especially liked the thought of my grandchild being covered in prayer and the Word of God. I made sure that my son knew that the blanket was to be used and loved, not saved as a keepsake on a shelf. My grandchild has been covered with this blanket most nights this past winter. She is now one year old. She recently fell down a long flight of stairs and although she was scared and crying, she was unhurt. I believe that God protected that baby as she tumbled down those stairs. Thank you, Blessed Stitch, for covering my grandbaby in prayer with each stitch that went into that blanket...


Littleton, Colorado

Frog baby blanket
minky with flannel baby blanket



Not long ago I had the joy of taking care of my granddaughters when my godly son and his lovely wife went on vacation. My little Ellania was very sad one night when she heard by phone the voice of her parents and she began to cry! So I sat in the rocking chair to pour my love on her. Still crying she pointed where her anointed blessed blanket was laying. So I wrapped her in it, sang songs of love, as I hugged and kissed her praying sweet scriptures and she was receiving all this in her little spirit and rubbing herself in the blessed baby blanket. Her mom told me she always asks for her special blanket to sleep. I think this is a beautiful happening that I was needing to bless you with, as you bless so many children and their families, Thank you so much for all the prayers you prayed when doing this blanket.

I bought the blanket for a friend who finally had a girl after 3 boys. She absolutely loved it! When I gave it to her, she went right upstairs to the baby's crib, removed the blanket that was hand-made by a family member, and replaced it with yours! Can't wait for my boys to make me a grandma (not too soon, I hope!) so you can make blankets for our grandkids!



Blessed Stitch Special Order blanket


These blankets are top quality and you cannot find them in stores as of yet. Share the information with friends and family, especially expecting parents and those who love the warmth of the Word of Christ. Be blessed.

Baltimore, Maryland

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